GhostBed Memory Foam Pillow Review

March 29, 2017

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by getting yourself the right pillow – one that sports a perfect balance of support and comfort. Well, there are many pillows out there that fit this description. However, there’s one that provides something extra that you can’t get in most pillows. This is no other than Ghostbed GhostPillow.

So, what makes this pillow one of the best in guaranteeing a wonderful night’s sleep? Herein is a detailed account of the features that give Ghostbed GhostPillow an edge over other competitors. Moreover, we’ll get to go through the health benefits that you get from using this pillow.

Construction & Materials

You don’t have to go far to pick out the difference that this pillow holds from standard pillows. The uniqueness of this pillow starts on the construction and the type of material used. The performance fabric cover is the first thing that will get your attention. This is a cool-touch fabric perfectly engineered to wick away moisture. The surface is textured to create embroidered patterns, something that’s built for both style and comfort. What’s more, you get a zippered closure that gives you an easy time during care and also removal as well.

The ultra-plush cover packs some ergonomic comfort underneath. This is no other than a memory foam infused with gel beads. The beads create that open cell structure that functions to promote air movement.

Health Benefits

The health benefits you get from a pillow matters a lot. Ghostbed took this into consideration to ensure that this pillow performs above the conventional types. Having said that, here are the health benefits you get from using Ghostbed GhostPillow:

Engineered for maximum support – The medical grade gel foam is perfectly engineered to cradle and support the neck and head, something that’s crucial for a good night’s sleep for everyone. The pillow adjusts to your natural body contour to provide the correct spinal alignment. What’s more, the firmness level adjusts depending on the size of the sleeper.

Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic – This pillow is medically certified and has excellent antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties. This makes it a safe and healthy choice for just about anyone, even those suffering from allergic reactions as well. What’s more, you get the benefit of a dust mite resistant material that allows for easy breathing.

Keeps you cool and dry – The moisture wicking cover keeps you cool and dry throughout the night. This is made possible by the technologically advanced material used in the outer layer. This unique fabric is 40 times more breathable compared to ordinary pillow fabrics. And this means one thing – a cooler and more comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Designed for all sleeping positions – Regardless of whether you’re a side sleeper or one that sleeps on their back, this pillow is sure to provide the correct level of support you desire. In short, it adapts itself to your sleeping position.

Additional Features

There are some unique features that make Ghostbed GhostPillow one of the best options for a quality sleep. These are:

Real-Time Cooling – This pillow gives you the convenience of an adaptive sleep technology. This revolutionary technology functions to monitor your temperature and goes an extra mile to absorb and dissipate heat. The result is a cool and comfortable feel throughout the night.

Cool Burst Airflow Technology – Resting your head on a cold pillow is a sure way of providing that momentous sleeping experience. Ghostbed GhostPillow engineers took that into consideration by developing the continuous airflow technology. With it, you get to experience that comfortable cooling effect all night long.

Cool Touch Performance Fabric Cover – The embroidered cover is made of a premium quality material that is guaranteed to last. It provides the convenience of a cool-touch feel and excellent moisture wicking properties. The removable, washable cover resists staining and is designed to hold its shape for a perfect fit. What’s more, it’s built to always remain soft against your skin.

100 Day Sleep Trial Guarantee – Well, you won’t know until you try — so use the 100 Day Sleep Trial to test Ghostbed GhostPillow risk-free!

Signature Designer Box – You get the GhostPillow experience even before feeling it. This is made possible through the light scented designer box and signature wrap, something that makes it an ideal gift idea to your loved ones.

Queen Size Fit – This pillow is made to be wider to ensure you’ve got enough room to spread out. With it, you can choose to sleep on your back or side with enough room to spare.

What Does This Pillow Compare To?

Chances are that you might be searching for something closer to GhostPillow. Well, there are multiple options out there to fit your needs as expected. However, if you desire something that’s more affordable, I would recommend Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Gel Pillow. It compares to GhostPillow in terms of its triple cooling technologies: Ventilation, Gel Foam, and Phase Changing Gel Surface Infusion. What’s more, this pillow provides a queen fit like the one you get from GhostPillow.

There is a slight difference in the type of cover used. Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Gel comes with a removable bamboo charcoal cover. But then, it sports the same function as that of GhostPillow cover. It wicks away moisture and provides that cool-touch surface for maximum comfort. This next generation pillow comes at a lower price tag, possibly because it lacks in a few areas. But all-in-all, Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Gel makes a nice alternative to GhostPillow.

Ghostbed Ghost Pillow takes the pillow technology to the limits. This pillow is made to be comfortable, stylish and quite affordable for the exceptional quality it has to offer. With it, you get the convenience of a triple cooling technology, something that lacks in ordinary pillows. And you don’t have to worry about any deformation since the pillow is designed to keep its shape and last for a lifetime.