How To Fold A Fitted Sheet By Yourself – Best Way & Easy

Are you ready to undertake the journey of a lifetime? Are you ready to wow your friends, family, and loved ones? You’ll be the talk of the party and join the elite ranks when you learn how to fold a fitted sheet and keep a linen closet.

Of course, to do all this, you have to fold a fitted sheet without getting frustrated and giving up. 

The art of folding a fitted sheet has a long and complicated history that takes years to master and has been one of the most frustrating parts of doing laundry. When Bertha Berman invented the fitted sheet in 1959, she probably didn’t anticipate the frustration and struggle that would ensue.

If you’re ready to undergo the training, we’ll get started to fold a fitted sheet. But the reader is warned: You’ll have to prepare for one complex and rigorous training. The process will be long, arduous, and brutal. But your reward at the end of the journey will be one stack of the perfectly neat look folded fitted sheet. 

Actually, folding a fitted sheet with elastic all around doesn’t take a rocket scientist, nor does it take long and intense training. All you require is a guided process and some time to get it right. 

This guide will unravel the mystery behind the folded fitted sheet. In the end, you’ll be ready to maximize your closet space. Let’s get started to make you a fitted sheet folding master. 

The Supplies You’ll Need

To fold a fitted sheet, you don’t need any special equipment or supplies. You won’t have to go out and purchase anything specific to fold the sheet. Unfortunately, no gadget or gizmo will make easy the task of folding. But, with a few household items at hand, you’ll succeed. 

You’ll need:

  • Time
  • Your body
  • A pile of unfolded fitted sheets
  • A flat surface like a tabletop
  • A chair or something to sit down on

Be sure that you give yourself enough space to stretch the sheet out and bend it. You don’t want to attempt crisp folding techniques in a cramped corner of the house. 

If you don’t have space inside, you may want to invest in a table like a folding table for a small laundry room, on which you can lay your sheet. Otherwise, you can consider going outside to fold the sheet. The prospect of folding laundry outside might seem a bit intimidating at first. However, your hands and back will thank you for giving yourself space. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Folding Fitted Sheets

You’re here because you want to learn how to fold a fitted sheet that has been sitting crumpled in the bottom side of your hamper for weeks now. The process will take a couple more steps than a flat sheet, but it’s not complicated or complex. 

If you have your supplies at hand, it’s time to get started.

Step 1: Hold the Sheet

While standing, be sure that you lay the sheet on a flat surface correctly positioned to make your folding easier. You want to have the top corners at the top of the folded sheet inside-out. 

Be sure that the elastic on those edges is facing you. You’ll hold the fitted sheet by the two top corners. 

Step 2: First Fold

Do the first fold vertically, going with your right hand from the right corner over to the left. You’ll create one corner pocket. From there, using both hands, you’ll want to flip the sheet 180-degrees. 

Step 3: Second Fold

Go vertically from the left corner to the right corner. The process creates another corner pocket. 

(For those working with sheets that have gathered sides, tuck them inside into one another.)

At this point, you should have folded your sheet in half once. It should look like a sandwich. Once you have everything neatly, with your right hand tuck each corner in and overlap them, then go on to the next stage. 

Step 4: Third Fold

Hold two corners in your left hand and two corners in your right hand. Be sure that the folded seam is facing the bottom of the table. The edge where you’ve tucked and gathered together should be facing you and the ceiling/sky. 

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Fold the sheet in half again. All four corners should meet. Be sure the left set of corners is on top of the right corners. 

Step 5: Put the Sheet to Bed

Use your hands to place the sheet on the bottom side of the bed with the gathered edges facing up. 

Step 6: Fourth Fold

Use the longer part of the curve to folding toward the center side two inches or more, depending on the size. You want to create a straight edge look by pressing with your hands. 

Step 7: Final Folds

If your sheet looks like a rectangle, then fold it in two half lengthwise. Finally, use your hands to fold into thirds until the sheet is small and you will have one smooth folded sheet. After mastering these steps, you can record a video.

Important Tips

With the guide in your pocket, you’ll still need some practice to perfect the art of how to fold a fitted sheet with elastic all around. Time and diligence will improve your skills. Plus, getting hints from experts also helps speed up the learning process.

How to fold a fitted sheet doesn’t have to take an army and can be very easy. All you need are some insider tips. 

  • Fold Warm Sheets: Pay careful attention to your dryer cycle when you’re doing laundry. As soon as the cycle ends, take the fitted sheet out and start to fold them. If they’re still warm, they won’t wrinkle as much.
  • Use Drying Racks: If you don’t have time to fold the fitted sheets as soon as they get out of the dryer, you can still prevent wrinkles. All you need is a clothing line and some clothespins. Hang the fitted sheet up halfway and pin it taut to the wire. The wrinkles won’t develop if you’ve spread out the fabric. 
  • Make Space: Give yourself enough space to stretch out your hand inside the sheet horizontally. When you fold a fitted sheet, you want to match the edges all together and get everything neat and smooth. 
  • Start Tricky: When folding laundry, start with the most challenging pieces first. If you start with the fitted sheets, you can stack the flat sheets together on top and save yourself time and energy. 

Remember to breathe and take it slow. If you don’t get it the first time, don’t worry. You can also unfold and keep trying again. What’s important is that you’re actively working to give yourself more space in your linen closet and keep it wrinkle-free, neatly folded sheets. You can record yourself one video to see if you are making mistakes and where.

Go Out and Enjoy Your Fitted Sheets

When working with fitted sheets, be sure that you give yourself time and headspace to fold and place them correctly in your linen closet. Once you’ve mastered the technique on how to fold a fitted sheet with elastic all around, you’re ready to enter the world of fitted sheet folding and you can film your one video to help others. So, next time you’re shopping for bed items, don’t be afraid of getting a set of a nice fitted sheet. 

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