The Most Expensive Pillows In The World

Looking to channel your inner billionaire or just want to feel like you’re sleeping in a 5 star hotel every night? Look no further. As we are all stuck at home during the pandemic, comfort, and even to a lesser extent the placebo effect can have a dramatic impact on how you sleep.

Are expensive pillows worth it?

Most would claim pillows are one of those things that don’t justify spending a lot on them. An acceptable quality pillow can be obtained at a reasonable price. There are only so many added features and benefits an expensive pillow can offer, and if you attempt to go above and beyond that point, you’re going to get diminishing returns.

To this, we disagree – if it is within your means – a high quality, a luxury pillow can make a big difference when you wake up in the morning. However, it is important that you make sure you’re getting a pillow that meshes well with your sleeping position. Different positions lend themselves more to different types of pillows.

So, what is the most expensive pillow you can buy?

That title goes to an incredibly expensive, gold-lined, custom memory foam pillow, custom made by a Dutch physical therapist. Apparently, over 15 years of research went into the creation of the Tailor Made pillow and it shows. The company takes a 3d scan of your body and custom builds the pillow to your exact body type. It is made from the finest Egyptian cotton available, Mulberry silk, and is stitched together with 24-karat gold thread! At $87,000 it is by far the priciest pillow on our list.

While we could make the case that a pillow which costs as much as a BMW is certainly overkill, there are some testimonials on the tailormade pillow website who claim otherwise. Either way, the Tailormade pillow is not going to be a realistic option for most, unless you’re an oil magnate or celebrity, so here are a few other ultra-luxurious pillows for you to consider when shopping for a new one.

The Highest Priced Pillows On the Market in 2021

[lasso ref=”eliasa-silk-down-pillow” id=”2696″ link_id=”1908″]
[lasso ref=”bernina-down-pillow” id=”2697″ link_id=”3663″]
[lasso ref=”tailormadepillow” id=”2698″ link_id=”3664″]
[lasso ref=”lincove-white-down” id=”2700″ link_id=”3665″]

Eiderdown Egyptian Cotton Pillow by St Geneve

$3,720 @ Jbrulee Home

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