New Purple 2,3,4 Hybrid Mattress Review – Comparison

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Brand: Purple
Warranty: 10 Years
Trial Period: 100 days
Financing: Yes
Manufactured: USA

Many people wouldn’t guess that a rocket scientist could improve their sleep – but in this case, one has. Years of research, testing, and evaluation led to the birth of the Purple mattress. A brain-child of one rocket scientist and one manufacturing and product design expert, the Purple mattress features state-of-the-art materials. It is available exclusively online to keep prices low and the products accessible. 

Purple’s original mattress, is still highly popular and sought-after. But since that original new purple model, the company has released several newer purple mattress models with slight differences and improvements. One of these iterations is the Purple Hybrid Mattress. It combines Purple’s famous grid material and foam padding with the traditional coil core.

This Purple Hybrid Mattress review covers all you need to understand the technology behind the materials and how it holds up to the sleep test. To learn more about how this purple pressure-relieving mattress could significantly improve your nightly eight hours, keep reading! 

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About Purple

Purple foam mattresses came about in the 1990s when brothers Tony and Terry Pearce invented the first hyper-elastic polymer. While that word might sound a bit technical, it means they created an innovative, stretchy technology.  As time went on, the Pearce brothers used the predecessor products of Purple in everyday memory foam products review, from Jansport backpack straps to Dr. Scholl’s foot supports. The brothers eventually created a patent-pending machine called the Mattress Max.

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With it, they were able to mold their revolutionary new purple mattress polymer material into something as large as king-size dimensions. It was with this innovation that the Pearce brothers created Purple. Their goal was to create a luxuriously comfortable mattress accessible to all, leading to the evolution of the first Purple Mattress. Since then, Purple has produced additional products such as pillows, seat cushions, pet beds, bedding, bed frames, and now kids’ mattresses. 

About Purple Products

Purple is a famous brand of mattresses and sleep accessories that established its name through its proprietary “Purple Grid” layer. This traditional memory foam comfort layer review utilizes a hyper-plastic polymer turned into a grid pattern. The grid can collapse and spring back into place in response to pressure changes. For example, let’s say you’re tossing and turning or sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night for a midnight snack. The purple mattress grid lets you do all this without disturbing your sleeping partner. Purple produces mattress models in four different types: 

While the Purple Classic will always be the brand’s flagship product, the newer purple hybrids, Purple Hybrid, and Purple 3 and purple 4 Hybrid Premier mattresses both marry Purple’s all-foam model with a coil core. All Purple hybrid premier mattress products reflect the Pearce brothers’ primary purple mattresses focus: advanced, comfortable cushioning. Whether you’re shopping for new pressure relief mattresses only or exploring Purple’s 2, purple 3, and purple 4 other sleep products, you’ll find this same principal design integrated into every purple hybrid premier product.

About the Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Hybrid features a hybrid and construction. It includes the same cover as the classic Purple Mattress, several foam layers, and a pocketed coil core (similar to traditional coil-spring mattresses). 


The cover of the Purple 2 Hybrid Mattress is a combination of Lycra (4%), viscose (29%), and polyester (67%). Its coil system stretchiness helps the pocketed coils cover to move with the comfort layer mattress and circulates air into and out of the smart comfort grid mattress more freely. The hyper-elastic polymer cover is the same as you’d find on their classic new purple model. However, the difference comes when you get down to the purple hybrid premier foam and inner core.

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Comfort Purple Grid Layer

The comfort layer below the layer of the purple cover uses the company’s proprietary hyper-elastic polymer, known as the Purple Grid. Forming a unique hyper-elastic polymer grid pattern, the comfort layer contours to your body back and stomach as you sleep without trapping your body’s heat. The Purple 2 Hybrid polymer grid features two inches of this stretchy, soft, and comfy material.

What’s so great about this comforting move around the material is that it’s supportive, bouncy, and significantly cooling. Thanks to the large gaps between grid walls, there’s consistent pressure relief and free-flowing air. 

Transition Layer

Below the grid layer, there’s a transition polymer material layer that’s one-inch thick and consists of two pounds-per-cubic-foot of polyfoam, which works as a barrier between the sleeper and the coils below. The purpose of the transition bed layer is to ease your body temperature regulation down through the soft grid on the top inch layer without hitting the sturdy coils below.

Coil Core

Beneath the support layer polyfoam is the coil core, which measures 7.5″ inches of individually wrapped coils. The smart hybrid mattresses grid coils give the bed extra bounciness and bed edge support while still allowing for free airflow.

This great option design is especially helpful for those side sleepers who have trouble getting out of bed. It also provides a feeling of buoyancy since the hybrid mattresses coils and grid work together to keep you “on top” of the unique feel mattress.

Base Layer

Finally, the final base hybrid mattresses layer of purple bed transition foam supports the foam coils from the bottom inch layer and gives the bed in a box mattress a steady foundation.

purple hybrid mattress materials


Before buying any bed in a box mattress, it’s crucial to note the mattress review purple hybrid product specs to ensure it checks everything off your new purple mattresses list. In the Purple 2 Hybrid Mattress review, we considered factors like pressure relief and support feel, firmness, pressure distribution, etc. 

Feel and Firmness Rating

The Purple Hybrid smart-comfort grid has a medium-firm feel. On a ten-point firmness scale, it rates at about a six. If you’re new to comfort grid firmness scales, fear not. This new purple mattress falls into the range of original purple mattress layers of foam firmness that most back sleepers and stomach sleepers prefer. If these numbers still mean nothing to you, maybe shedding some light on how the comfort layer mattress feels will clear things up for you. Before we get into it, remember that top layer firmness and feel are subjective.

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There’s no one right answer. Factors like body shape, size, weight, sleeping style, and health concerns can all play a role in how comfortable a mattress feels. Upon testing it out for the Purple 2 Hybrid Mattress review, we found this item feels temperature neutral and quite firm. If you prefer extra support as you sleep, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the feel of this mattress. Stomach and back sleepers, in particular, may benefit from the high level of support. The polymer layer is sturdy enough to support stomach sleepers even spinal alignment from shoulders to hips.

Reduced Motion Transfer

The Purple Hybrid noticeably reduces motion transfer, which means less waking up through the night and more restful sleep. Compared to other hybrid models, the Purple Hybrid’s motion isolation is just as good, if not better. The grid’s wall may buckle from time to time, but only beneath the sleeper’s weight. While this might not mean much to you, it will to your sleeping partner if you have one.

By keeping the motion transfer beneath the moving body, the other sleeper shouldn’t feel any changes to the mattress. The transition layer below the original purple mattress grid serves as another new purple buffer that keeps any smart-comfort grid layer of hyper-elastic motion from getting down into the coils. Coils are springier than foam, so they’re more likely to transfer that motion when motion reaches them.

However, since the Purple Hybrid uses pocketed coils that move independently, there’s another layer of protection against motion transfer. If you or your sleeping partner are prone to waking up whenever the other person does, you may appreciate the Purple Hybrid’s motion isolation benefits. 

Pressure Distribution

The Purple Hybrid premier also contours to the sleeper’s body – all because of the Purple Grid. Contouring helps distribute the body’s weight more evenly across the surface, which relieves any back pain. The grid will buckle under intense enough pressure. Therefore, your hips, back pain, and shoulders will both sink into the stomach sleepers mattress and maintain a healthy side sleeping alignment with your spine. The Purple Hybrid premier Mattress does relieve a lot of pressure points from the body. However, it doesn’t provide the same feeling of a close hug that memory foam does. Sleepers liken the feeling to individually wrapped coils floating on top of the water rather than sinking into a cloud.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is a critical aspect of a restful night for many sleepers. Luckily, one of the Purple Hybrid and purple hybrid premier mattresses’ greatest strengths lies in its temperature neutrality. Similar hybrid models feature comfort layers that trap heat near the body. But, Purple’s innovative materials circulate air underneath the cover, helping you stay comfortable and cool through the night.

The original purple mattress top cover is extremely breathable and purposely allows a lot of airflow in and out of the mattress. Through the open chambers of the grid, heat dissipates away from your body and toward the coil. This construction pulls the heat even further away from the sleeper’s body. Many users complain that all-foam models lead to hotter sleeping temperatures. The hybrid design of the Purple Hybrid premier finds the perfect balance between cozy and cool.

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Edge Support

Thanks to its coil layer, the Purple Hybrid Mattress offers a sturdier edge than any all-foam models you’ll find. You can compare Purple’s edge support to other hybrid models on the market. It’s nice to know that you can sit or sleep on the bed’s edge without sinking too much or feeling like you’ll fall off the bed.

With proper edge support, you can maximize your usage of the purple hybrid mattresses bed’s surface area and crawl in and out of bed more easily. While the coil base offers edge support, it is crucial to note that the mattress does not have reinforced edging. If you tend to sleep toward the outside of your bed, you may want to seek an alternative option with reinforced sides.

Movement Ease

It’s easier to move on the Purple Hybrid Mattress than it is on most other original purple hybrid models. Because of the hyper-elastic polymer, the purple 3 hybrid is pretty responsive and allows sleepers to change positions easily.

Privacy and Sound Reduction

Many individuals consider the privacy they’ll get from their mattress. Intimate moments often happen in the bedroom, and it’s vital to feel safe and private during those times. The Purple Hybrid Mattress assures privacy by suppressing sound.

This effect is critical because of the coil layer. With traditional spring mattresses, too much motion on the bed will lead to creaking sounds. If you have roommates or downstairs neighbors, this squeaking sound can be embarrassing, especially when you are enjoying intimate moments. The Purple Hybrid premier 4 Mattress reduces the sound with the extra comfort top layer and transition medium-firm layers. You get the support of the deep coil layer and extra bounce without the squeaky noises. 

“New Mattress Smell”

While some people don’t care, others can’t help but feel put-off by the “new mattress” smell. The odor of new mattresses comes from off-gassing. It often accompanies synthetic foams or compressed, shipped mattresses. As with most other hybrid new models, the Purple Hybrid Mattress may emit a few off-gassing odors soon after unwrapping. However, it has fewer issues with off-gassing compared to other old hybrid models. Since the Purple Hybrid is so breathable, it will air out more quickly than other alternatives.

Trial and Warranty

Want to give the Purple Hybrid Mattress a try before committing to it full-time? Feel like Purple offers a 100-night and 10-year warranty trial period for any customers still on the cusp. Purple hybrid mattresses simply ask the individuals to try it out for at least 21 nights, and if they’re not happy, they can return it. Between the 21-day and 100-night sleep trial period, customers can feel like returning their mattress and receive a full refund for their purchase.

What’s better, Purple will arrange for someone to pick up the old mattress return at no extra cost. All Purple mattresses include free white glove delivery and a 10-year limited warranty. It covers any indentations over 1 inch and any splitting or cracking that arises from everyday use. 

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Purple Hybrid Mattress Pricing and Promos

The price of Purple’s Hybrid Mattress is comparable to other purple 2 3 hybrid models. While it runs slightly higher than average, you can expect that from a queen size luxury brand and model. Purple 2 offers promotions occasionally, which could reduce the up-front cost of your new mattress layers of a foam mattress. Some promotions don’t discount the queen 60 x 80 mattress itself, but rather provide a bundle of other products at a lower price. 

For example, one Purple old mattress and free white Glove delivery promotion run for its hybrid models is a bundle that saves $200 when you purchase two harmony pillows, a mattress protector, and Purple sheets.

The Ideal Sleeper 

The first thing we realized during the Purple Hybrid Mattress reviews is that this model is ideal for anyone who tends to sleep hot. It’s also beneficial for sleepers who suffer from pressure points and anyone weighing less than 230 pounds. There are a few things to consider about the Purple Hybrid Mattress that might impact your outlook while shopping. First, the hybrid mattress purple construction makes it ideal for the stomach, side, and back sleepers. The Purple comfort grid eases the pressure points on the hips and shoulders, making it ideal for side sleepers.

The coil core creates structured support to keep you from sinking into the bed. With enhanced internal support, it appeals to stomach and back sleepers. Keep in mind that unlike other top layer mattresses, back and stomach sleepers the Purple Hybrid Mattress does not have reinforced edges. For those who tend to sleep on the edge, you may prefer another option with more reinforcement there.

Additionally, sleepers who prefer the feel of memory foam and being “hugged” by their mattress might find the original Purple Grid’s floating feeling a bit uncomfortable. By the same token, if you dislike the feeling of sinking into memory foam but enjoy the pressure relief, the hybrid construction lets you get the best of memory foam feel without the heat and sinking effect. Lastly, if you weigh over 230 pounds, you should consider that you may sink more deeply into the mattress.

Anyone over this weight threshold who sleeps on their stomachs may find that the sinking feeling is not ideal for proper spinal alignment.


What sizes are available with the Purple Hybrid Mattress?

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is available in industry-standard sizes: Twin XL, Full, King, California King, n a twin xl, king 72 x 84, king 76 x 80, cal king, and Split King.

What do I need to do to care for the mattress cover?

Purple recommends that you spot clean the cover with mild detergent or upholstery cleaner as needed. Steer clear of machine washing or drying. 

What makes the Purple Hybrid Mattress different from the brand’s other models?

The Purple Hybrid is distinct because of its white-glove delivery pocketed coil layer. It consists of three layers. On the top is a 2-inch comfort layer, below is the polyfoam transition layer, and on the bottom is a layer of pocketed coil support. 

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Final Verdict: Is the Purple Hybrid Mattress a Sound Choice?

Now you’ve got all the information you need about the Purple Hybrid Mattress review to help you in your buying decision. 


  • Medium-firm – 6/10 firmness rating
  • Hybrid construction mattresses come with a Purple comfort grid and coil core
  • Comfortable for the stomach, back, and side sleepers
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Neutralizes body heat
  • Eases pressure points
  • Makes it easier to change positions throughout the night


  • It may not offer enough support for users over 230 lbs.
  • Lacks reinforced edges

These are just a few of the many impressive features that we uncovered in the Purple Hybrid Mattress. For offers its sleepers, and there are certainly more benefits if you try it out for yourself.

If you’re ready for the next step in your journey to a better night’s sleep, consider the Purple Hybrid Mattress and its rocket scientist-made materials. What you sleep on makes a big difference in your life. You might not even realize what you’ve been missing out on until you sleep on the Purple Hybrid Mattress. 

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